September 2021 Tournament

Date: Friday 24th September
Time: 8pm – 10PM UK Time

Max level gear: Level 4
Weapon: ANY AK variant

First Prize – $150 amazon voucher
Second Prize – $75 amazon voucher

Kindly sponsored by DrSTephStream

Main Rules
1) You must be live streaming during the tournament
2) You must submit screenshots of Kills, Bonus Point items and Loot after each raid (if you do not submit, they wont count)
3) You must also post if you Survived (Extracted) the Raid
4) You must join the Tarkey Tourneys Discord HERE

Combat points
Scav = 2 points
Raider = 5 points
PMC = 8 points
Boss (Glukhar) = 10 points

Survive and extract = 10 points

Loot points
5 points per item looted that will be on the “Hot List” of items:-

1) Oatflakes
2) Morphine
3) Gold Chain
4) Intelligence
5) CMS Kit
6) Dorms 206 Key
7) GPU
8) Wilson Cigarettes
9) Relay
10) Paper
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